7 Best Room Heaters in INDIA 2019-20 Complete Buyer Guide

Winter is coming..!!!

Everyone is exciting to enjoy this winter. Because this is the time when love is high in the air and the temperature is low. Sitting around fire chimneys is love. But not everyone can afford it in a room. You can use blankets 

best room heaters

to warm yourself and Water heaters for hot water but what when temperature falls down and blankets can no more keep you warm and comfortable?

That time you must need a best room heater for this winter to be in comfort.

If you are from Northern INDIA or from a place where winter can get really harsh, purchasing of room heaters becomes necessary. I personally realized this when I was in Rohtang. That time I did research on best room heaters which can create a warm atmosphere inside my room and save me from that chilling cold winter

Best Room Heater Name


 V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000

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Morphy Richards OFR Oil Filled Radiator

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Orient Electric OF0906F

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Bajaj Flashy

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Havells Comforter

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Usha 423 N

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Orpat Fan Heater​

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Best Room Heaters in INDIA 2019-20

As I told you I have done an extreme research on best room heaters. So, you will have a list of room heaters which are best in their category. But before step forwarding for the list; I personally recommend you to must go through this buyer guide.

Things you must know about a best room heater before buying.

As you know this world is a large market of smart advertising and tricky marketing. One can can easily confuse about a best room heater. I personally recommend you to go through these steps; so you don’t need to be regret about your choice.

  • Types of Room Heater

Basically there are there types of Room Heaters. But you can also differentiate a room heater on other basis of its technology used, its power source. Basic types of a Room Heater:

  1. Ceramic Heaters

These heaters use a ceramic heating element with positive temperature coefficient (PTC). The PTC element is heated and it has control over the temperature; temperature is reduced after reaching the desired level. This feature ensures safe heating, durability of heater and also saves energy.

The ceramic heaters can be either convection or radiant.

  • Convection-ceramic– Usually ceramic heaters come in convective form. In this type, electricity is first converted into heat by set of aluminum plates or fins then transferred to a ceramic heating agent. Cool airs absorbs the heat from ceramic surface and disperse across the room as convection current. For faster heating a fan is used in ceramic heater.
  • Radiant-ceramic Heating process of all radiant heaters is same as in convection heaters. Instead of using a fan to blow the air out it radiate the heat forward to the nearby objects. Higher electromagnetic waves than surrounding objects is the carrier of heat in radiant heaters. These heaters take up the heat and increase their body temperature. It heats the objects directly and not the air, so the heat also lasts long compared to convection-ceramic heaters.



2. Infrared Heaters

These room heaters are also known as radiant heaters. Working principal is same as of earth heating principal. Used thermal energy is transferred as heat to the objects in its heat flow path. Commonly two types of heating elements are used in radiant heaters:

  • Tubular heating element(solid metal)
  • Quartz tubes



3. Oil-filled heaters

Column heater is another form of convention heater. Even they are known as oil-heater but they run by electricity. Oil is only used as a heat reservoir.

An element at the base heats up the oil and this oil is transferred to the metal cavities of the columns inside the heater. Order of heat flow in oil-filled heater is as:

Oil-filled heaters take some time in heating the oil but after that it provides generous amount of heat that can heat up the entire room.



Types of Room Heater on the basis of heating technology

a) Convection heating

It is the most common heating method used for single room heating. They are best for their ability to keep the room heated for a long time period. It heats the air passing over the metal element through which electricity is passed; the heated air then heats the entire room by convection.

For faster spreading heat fans are also used in these heaters.

b) Radiant and Infrared Heating

Radiant heating is completely different from the convention heating.  Instead of warming up the air it heats the objects in its path with radiations. These are power efficient and best for spot heating. Instant warmth is best part of it. These are suitable for large rooms.

c) Mica-thermic heating

Combination of convection and radiant heating is mica-thermic heating. These use electric coils to heat large, thin plates of mica which can retain the heat for a longer period of time. This heat radiates off the mica plates or sheets which is then followed by natural convection to circulate warm air across the room. This fan-less heating technology delivers even room heating, works silently and keeps dust and other allergens down making them the best option for asthma and allergy sufferers. Most of them are to be hanged on a wall or placed on the floor based on how you want to use them.

Types of room heaters on the basis of fuel used

a) Electric Heaters

Commonly you will found heaters which are fuelled by electricity. Basically electricity is used to heat the metal elements and then heat is transferred. They are portable and easy to use.

b) Gas Heaters

In these heaters gas is used as a fuel. But to ignite a gas fuelled heater you must need a matches or an electric ignition device. With the help of gas heaters you can heat the air. There are two types of gas heaters.

  • Natural gas heater: These heaters will not be portable if once they fixed at one place. Fuel source is connected to gas supply and must be installed by a professional.
  • Propane gas heater: A portable propane gas tank is connected to these heaters as a fuel source. These heaters are very popular among those who go camping.

Some other factors

  • Wattage

Higher wattage heater produces more heat. Heater in 1000w range have 5Amps socket while higher wattage heaters need 15Amps socket.

To calculate wattage of heater you required multiply your room area by 10.i.e.

Square Footage area X 10 = Total Wattage

  • Size

Different heaters have different sizes. So choose  a heater that is suitable for living area.

  • Portability

Always look for a heater that has caster wheels so you can easily move that to any corner of your room. Also look for handles. Try to have a heater that has side handles so you can have a good grip over it.

  • Thermostat

I’m sure, you will never want to set temperature repeatedly. So always choose a heater that has thermostat features so you need not to change temperature again and again and it will maintain a desired temperature that you want.

  • Auto on-off

There must be auto on-off feature in every heater. This will help in saving energy as well as it will help to maintain a desired temperature.

  • Safety

Safety is always first. So to be prevented from any hazard always look for these safety features:

      • Cool to touch
      • Over heat protection switch
      • Moisture control
      • Tip over cut off switch
      • Chord length

This will be comfortable if wire length is 70 cm or above.

  • Price and Warranty

As higher price is not worthy always. So always check these features like remote control, energy efficiency, and some other features that you want while purchasing a high priced heater.

Warranty should be at least of 6 months, it is better to have one year warranty.

Tips for Safe Using A Room Heater

It is always advisable to read complete manual guide of that thing before using it. Same for the room heaters. Sometimes they may start a fire if you don’t take proper care of it. So here are some instructions to use room heaters safely:

      • Always place heater on a plain surface.
      • Always use an extension cord that is well-shield and can handle that required voltage.
      • Always close doors and windows before using a room heater because any flammable moisture can cause damage.
      • Keep the heater away from reach of children and pets.
      • Keep the heater away from curtains or any cloth because they can fire if heater fan suck the fabric inside heater.
      • Never leave the room heater unattended for too long because any cases of tipping over can start a fire.

List of 7 Best Room Heaters in INDIA 2020

1. V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000



  • Compact
  • Very budget friendly
  • Auto shut off thermostat
  • Uses quartz heating rods
  • Consumes 800 watts of power (400 watts for each rod)
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • Could have improved the quality of the plastic

2. Morphy Richards OFR Oil Filled Radiator

best room heater


  • 9 fin oil filled radiator.
  • 2000 W of power supply.
  • A power selection knob.
  • 2 years of backup warranty.
  • Adjustable thermostat setting.
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility. 


  • Doesn’t feature a fan.
  • Not a budget-friendly room heater.

3. Orient Electric OF0906F



  • High quality and high functioning design
  • Capable of heating up bigger rooms too
  • Has a 360 degree triple overheat protection
  • Cord storage available
  • Can move around in castor wheels
  • ISI Approved
  • 9 Fin fans for more air blowing
  • S Shaped fan fins for better heat dissipation
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty.


  • High Priced 

4. Bajaj Flashy 



  • Superior heating element.
  • 2 years warranty services.
  • 1000 watts of power supply.
  • Nickel chrome plated reflector.
  • A corrugated reflecting surface.
  • Comes in a compact and stylish design.


  • Produces some noise.
  • Doesn’t feature castor wheels.

5. Havells Comforter



  • Easy and portable
  • Has double overheat protection
  • Cooling fan that will cool down the appliance in cases of overheating
  • Thermostat knobs to control the output temperature
  • Adjustable wind vent
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty


  • A bit costlier than most of its competition. 

6. Usha 423 N



  • Spot heating of its surroundings.
  • Can cover a room of 150 square feet
  • Can operate at 665, 1330 and 2000 watts of power
  • 2 different fan speed options
  • Has a night light indicator
  • Has a safety thermal cut out
  • ISI Marked device
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Not a great in design
  • May be a little noisy in operation.

7. Orpat Fan Heater​



  • Thermal cut off feature.
  • Long life heating element.
  • Features a safety mesh grill.
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty.
  • Non sagging and cool touch body.
  • 2 heat setting knobs (1000 W & 2000 W).


  • Could have improved the quality of the plastic
Why Room Heaters ?


If you are here, that means you have cleared all doubts about a best room heater. So you can choose the best room heater above from the list.

As I don’t know your needs about a room heater, so can’t suggest you specific one from above. Just because of it I have listed the best room heaters, so need not to be confused while buying one of them.

Buy your winter partner from above. But always read all instructions before using anything. 

FAQ’s About Room Heater

You must use a room heater because:

        • Safe to use
        • Cost effective
        • Low purchase price
        • Easy to use
        • Portable
        • Versatility

No electric heater emits carbon monoxide. As these doesn’t burn any fuel.

No electric heater emits carbon monoxide. As these doesn’t burn any fuel.

It depends on your living area or where you want to use it. Here you can calculate the wattage that you require according to your living area.

Always place it somewhere which is out of reach fro kids and not be closer to any flammable thing.

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