Best Smartwatches in INDIA 2020-21 Complete Buyer Guide, Features, Price

This is the era of smartwatches. Just because of it everyone wants to dive into the realm of smart wearable watches. I know you are too excited to buy your dream smartwatch and have done a lot of research for that. for you we have an nice thought about the best smartwatches in INDIA in 2020. 

best smartwatches in india

       I know there is a variety of smartwatches in the market, that make you confused about the best smartwatch among the top smartwatches in INDIA. So, there you need to know something important about the best smartwatch in INDIA. And if you are here while doing research on your smartwatch, you are lucky. Because at swanstore you will get a complete buyer guide about everything and also for your dream smartwatch.                      Here you get complete real details of best smartwatches because we have done extreme research on the best smartwatches in INDIA that are listed on 2019 reviews by users on different platforms.

Smartwatch Name Price
Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle
Apple Watch Series 3
Mi Band 4

10 Things to consider while buying the best smartwatches in India 2020-21 Buyer Guide

If you want to buy a smartwatch, choose the best smartwatch in INDIA. But for this, you must know the features that the best smartwatches in 2020  should have.

Don’t worry…. 🙂 

I’ll tell you every single piece of information about the best smartwatch in INDIA. So, you need not to face any confusion or any problem when you are purposing your dream smartwatch in 2020.

Notice the following features about a best  smartwatch in  2020.


What if you have bought a smartwatch and it can’t connect to your mobile phone. That will be a totally worthless effort and use of money. So, always choose a smartwatch that would be compatible with your current smartwatch. If you don’t do this, you will miss many features which are like worthless buying of a smartwatch. For instant, Samsung Gear S3 is compatible with both iPhone and Android. But some watches are only compatible with android or iPhone.

So, before buying any smart wearable, you must go through with their operating software or OS.


Only good software is not enough worthy if there is not a great visual experience. This is why a good display of smartwatch matters. Likewise smartphones, smartwatches also have different types of displays. There display maybe LED or LCD. But nowadays, AMOLED displays are trending which have bright colors so the user can have a great visual experience.

 Display quality not only means for screen quality, but it also depends on the functions of that display. For instant, few smartwatches only display notification icons while few displays notification content also.

User Interface:

A smartwatch should be smart. This means there should be fewer user efforts to complete their tasks. On tiny screens, there are congested touchable parts. So, it is difficult to perform a special task. To overcome this issue, there should be special buttons.


As I told you smartwatch should be smart. So, many smartwatches come with automatic sleep function that saves its battery life. But if you demand an AMOLED display with bright vibrant colors, there will be less battery time. But that does not work, because you need a watch that has a maximum battery life so you can use it at least when you are outside.

Water Resistant:

You know that why are you using a smartwatch. So you use it in your every daily task. And sometimes, you may forget about it and work in a watery surroundings. That time water may be splashed over your smartwatch. That can be damage. If you are a water sportsman, you need a smartwatch that is totally water-resistant. So, you can use it with your needs.

So buy a smartwatch that is splashed proof or water-resistant. But that depends on your daily lifestyle.

Design & Personalization:

As there are many features that a smartwatch has. But every smartwatch doesn’t have the same features. So, there is a difference in design. There may be a port or any other third-party accessories socket for personalized use. So, select the one which meets your needs.


Normally all smartwatch comes with gorilla glass protection over the screen. So, always check before buying that this smartwatch has fortified gorilla glass protection or better.

Fitness Tracker:

Smartwatches are especially known for their fitness tracking features. According to research, the Apple watch has the accurate heart rate monitor comparison to others. A smartwatch is not a fitness band like Mi Band series, so they have less accuracy and consumes more battery. GPS feature of smartwatch is that which makes it different from fitness bands.


Comfort is the main factor to like or dislike something. “How much a thing is featured?” This doesn’t matter if it is not comfortable.

Reliability and repair-ability:

What if a thing does not come true to its promises? That totally mood spoiling. So, a smartwatch that you are purchasing should reliable. By chance, if this behaves abnormally, then it should be easily repairable.

All the above-mentioned points will help you while choosing a smartwatch so you can clear doubts about your choice.

Benefits of Having A Best Smartwatch in INDIA

Having a smartwatch is much worthy. You can have an idea of benefits for having a best smartwatch in INDIA by following highlights:

  • Smartwatches are above watches-

A smartwatch not only does what a watch does but also does many more activities that a smartphone does.

  • A Helpful Assistant-

If you love to do more physical activities, a smartwatch helps you a lot with this. GPS equipped smartwatches can track your journey time.

  • Helps you connecting the world-

Sometimes we are unable to touch our phone, in these conditions a smartwatch can help us for SMS and call utility services.

  • Health Reports-

Smartwatches comes with the health monitoring feature. It can monitor heartbeats, calorie used, etc.

  • Real Time Notifications –

If you need to updates yourself with the latest notifications; you will love to have a smartwatch.

I think now you can easily choose your smartwatch. So where are you going? Let’s have a look at these fantastic best smartwatches that can make your life more comfortable. 

List of the Best Smartwatches in INDIA in 2020


Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch


  • See a snapshot of your cardio fitness level in the Fitbit app
  • onnect to your phone’s gps for real-time pace and distance on your wrist .
  • Works around the clock with 4 plus day battery life.
  • Track your time in light, deep and rem sleep stages and get personal insights

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


  • Additional accessories.
  • NFC, Bluetooth connectivity with Tizon OS.
  • 4GB storage with attractive look.
  • Water and dust resistant.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle


  • fast charging with long battery life.
  • In-built speaker and mic for calling and music.
  • Google assistant feature.
  • Attractive sleek design with Google OS.

Apple Watch Series 3


  • Digital Crown
  • S3 with dual-core processor
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Swimproof
  • watchOS 5
  • Aluminium case

Mi Band 4


  • Auto detects your swim style and captures 12 detailed data points for tracking.
  • Up to 20 days long lasting battery life.
  • Large AMOLED display with bright colors.
  • Unlimited watch faces and music control.

Final Words For The Best Smartwatches 2020-21

So now you can take your stand to buy a best smartwatch for you. But if you still looking for an advise. Fossil gen 5 smartwatch is best smartwatch in INDIA for you. This is a unisex smartwatch. So buy this one and enjoy your life with the best smart wearable in INDIA. This watch will take care of your health by monitoring your activities. You can also recommend or gift this best smartwatch in INDIA to your loving one.

FAQ’s For The Best Smartwatches In INDIA 2020-21

Smartwatch is above the normal watches. These smartwatches can do many other tasks beside the telling the time. You can track your activities and operate your smartphone with these best smartwatches in INDIA. 

And, if you want to buy a best smartwatch in INDIA then you can figure out the above  buyer guide for smartwatches in INDIA. This will help you a lot while purchasing a smartwatch in India. We also published a list of best smartwatches in INDIA that you can buy from the above links we have shorted for you.


It’s water resistant watch therefore sweat can’t enter inside the chamber. And also it doesn’t have exposed metal part ( copper ) which could react with sweat. So feel free to wear it irrespective of season.

Smartwatch comes pre-installed with a coin cell battery, and includes a Quick Start Guide and Warranty Booklet.

  • Download the app of smartwatch you have.
  • Put the watch in pairing mode and follow the instructions.

You can connect as many as devices you want. But only one device can work at a time.

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