7 Best Water Heater Geyser in INDIA 2019-20 Complete Buyer Guide

It is winter..!! Planning to buy the best water geyser? You almost done all you need to do because you are here. To have a shower in warm water is like to have a spa with a massager. And you feel relaxed.

But choosing the best water heater geyser is not as easy as it sounds. But you don’t need to worry about it. Swanstore is a trust; here you can get a complete buyer guide for everything. Same for the best water heater geyser.

best water heater geyser

So, know about the best water heater geyser and mind these tips that you know about a water heater by scrolling down. Why are you waiting for? Just Scroll and know what you need to know about the best water geyser.

Best Water Heater Geyser in INDIA

This is the 21th century. So nothing is only one of its kinds. Everything has an alternate. Hence, if you are searching for the best water heater geyser, there is a lot of confusion about their size, type, etc. But you don’t need to be puzzled about this anymore. Here you will get all the information you need for buying the best water heater geyser.

best water geyser in INDIA

There is a huge competition in everything. Same for the water geysers, so a number of companies making the best water heater in INDIA to provide the best to consumers. They try to give the best by introducing new features of a water heater with an attractive body-style.

Things You Should Know About a Best Water Heater Geyser Before Buying.

  1. Type of Water Heater/Geyser

Remember: Water Heater and Water Geyser are different from each other.

So, key differences between a water heater and geyser are here.

Water Heater

  • Def: A system that is used to heat water. Water heaters are usually used during the winters, specifically in the households; but these can be used in industries also.
  • Not of a specific type. Everything which can be used to heat water could be named as a water heater. Maybe this could be a kettle, a rod, a stove, etc.


  • Def: Generally, it can be defined as a water heater, which is used for domestic purposes only. It is a gas-fired water heater through which there is a continuous supply of water as it is rapidly heated.
  • There are only two types of water geysers on the basis of the water heating technique. One is gas-based and the second is electricity based.

But usually, geysers are known as water heater. Now you know what you need to buy. Yeah, that’s a geyser if you want it for your sweet home.

Type of Water Heater Geyser

Type of a geyser is not only defined by its water heating technology. This also depends on its storage/tank. So here is a picture of geyser types.

A table to compare tank-type and tank-less water geyser is here.

Tank-type– It is clear from its name that the first water is stored in a tank and then heated up.

  • Also known as storage geyser.
  • Occupies more wall mount-space.
  • Continues water supply without breaking water supply.
  • Consumes more power.
  • You have to wait for the hot water supply.
  • Lower in prices.
  • Less life span time.

Tank-less– These geysers don’t have any tank to store water.

  • Also known as instant geyser.
  • Occupies less wall mount-space.
  • Breaks the water supply. Maximum 6-liter water can be released through it once.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Instant hot water supply.
  • Higher in price.
  • Higher life span time.
  1. Features

As there is a wide variety of water heater geysers in INDIA, so features also vary. But you should know about the basic features that a water heater must-have for convenience and efficiency.

  • Timer: It allows you to schedule the desired temperature for a specific time.
  • Thermostat: This helps to maintain a specific temperature. Basically this is done by a knob.
  • Remote control: Nowadays some high-end geysers come with remote control and a digital display to provide the mode, temperature info.


  1. Power Efficiency

You should buy a power-efficient water heater. Check the ISI mark before buying a geyser. An ISI marked device ensures that the maintenance of device is comparatively low. A less power-consuming device also helps with your bills.


  1. Size

Before buying a water heater think where you want to install it. The size of a geyser is also an issue because there is a different sized geyser( for bathroom, kitchen, etc.) with different specialties for its purpose.

  1. Safety

I know the lesser price always attracts. But this non-branded lesser amount of devices could be harmful. Always buy a geyser that meets required standard safety features. For this, you can check it from the manual card of the product.

Safety also depends on body type and material used for the body.

  1. Customer Support

What if there is no guideline to use something? That is totally waste if you don’t know about instruction to use or how to use something. So for this customer support is a must. So always buy those geysers which have 24/7 customer support.

  1. Guarantee

We all love to have guarantee for something. This will take all the tension about the product.

  1. Price

Price always matters. Buy a water heater which is worthy of its price.

Tips for long-life of a Geyser or water heater

  • Set low temperature as much as possible for you.
  • Clean the tank of tank-type geyser time to time to avoid rusting.
  • Test the temperature relief valve at least once per year.
  • Flush your water heater every 4 months.
  • Replace your anode rod every 2-5 years.
  • Check the burners of gas water heaters every year.

List of Top Water Heater Geyser in INDIA

Havells Puro Plus (25 ltr)


  • 5 years warranty with free installation.
  • Feroglass technology with single weld line design and heavy duty anode rod with rust free technology.
  • Energy saving high density PUF insulation.
  • Water tubes with whirl flow technology 5-Star rating with whirl flow water tube.



  •  Blue diamond glass lined tank for double corrosion resistance.
  • Glass coated heating rod for long life of anode.
  • 7 years warranty.
  • Compact size.

Bajaj Flora 3 liter


  • Instant water geyser.
  • Multiple safety systems.
  • Neon indicators.
  • Small size.

Glen 7055 Sqaure 25 liter


  • Digital Display.
  • Remote control.
  • Glass finished tank for rust free tank.
  • Polyurethane Insulation – CFC Free || Rust & shock proof ABS Body

ACTIVA 3 KVA- 3 liter


  • High quality thermostat.
  • Extra heavy element for extra heating.
  • Instant heating.
  • Rust free.
best water heater



  • Wireless control with digital display.
  • Long-lasting Anode Rod a customized alloy for work even in hard water.
  • Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank.
  • 7 years long warranty.

V-Guard Steamer Plus


  • Horizontal mounting.
  • Incoloy 840 Heating element suitable for hard water conditions.
  • Working pressure-8kg/cm2 , Suitable for multi storied building and pressure pumps.
  • 7 years warranty.


All mentioned water heater above are perfect. You can choose anyone from above without any doubt. But according to me choose the one which meet your needs. But you must a buy a water geyser because you should waste your precious time for just heating water with traditional ways.


Average gas heater takes between 30 and 40 minutes to heat up the full tank water. Whereas the electric heater takes double time than a gas heater. But tank-less geyser can heat instantly.

Yes, if you need not to use geyser for  a long time or when you are not at home.

Power supply will automatically turn off power at lower temperature.

It depends on quality of your geyser. But normally a thermostat featured geyser drops temperature about 10°C over 24 hours

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