Best Instant Cameras in 2020 | Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 to Polaroid Cameras |Reviews Based Complete Buyer Guide, Price

After the research on best instant cameras that can click retro-cool images to capture the moments, we found the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera among the best instant cameras in 2020. This instant camera is the coolest camera I ever used. This easy to use instant camera has very advanced creative controls. These features can do more than just point and shoot. The best way to describe Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera is “Delightful” and can be suggest as one of the best instant cameras in 2020 for kids and as well as travelers. Fuji Instax Square SQ6 is also a durable best instant camera if you can spend a little bit more. The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 has sharp lenses to improve photo quality compared to other instant cameras.

Best Instant Camera in 2020
Source: Fujifilm

Well, there is plenty of varieties in instant cameras. They have their own presence, you can hold any moments in your hand. Genuinely these instant cameras are real fun.

Our Pick – Best Instant Camera 2020 – Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is a solid and durable instant camera for travel lovers who want to capture moments. The image quality and it’s easy to use feature is something that everybody wants. This Fujifilm Instax Camera can print 3.4 by 2.4 inches photo and 2.4 by 2.4 inches Polaroid photo (which is half an inch smaller than classic Polaroid Camera) which costs you approx. $1 each. The quality pictures from this Fujifilm Square SQ6 are quite awesome and Fujifilm Instax Film produces a range of tones and more pleasant colors than any other instant camera in the market. Multi exposure mode of this Fujifilm instant camera gives you an option to be more creative.

List of Top 7 Best Instant Cameras in 2020 You Should Buy For Instant Photography

·        FUJIFILM INSTAX SQUARE SQ6 – Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is the best instant camera, check out the specification and reviews for Fujifilm Square SQ6 instant camera.

Source: Fujifilm


Lens: 65.75mm, 1:12.6

Film Type: Instax Square                                                                                              

Viewfinder: Small optical viewfinder

Monitor: Basic settings display


  • Large square film
  • Looks great with color options
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Close up capture: 35-50cm
  • lightweight
  • Amazing low light pictures


  • Film more expensive than Fujifilm Instax Mini Film

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is not like its series instant camera, the appearance of this instant camera is completely different from the Square models like the Fujifilm Instax Square model like SQ10. The Instax Square SQ6 has an Instagram Logo like appearance. This instant camera runs on a pair of CR2 batteries. Fujifilm Square SQ6 prints a high-quality image of 6.2×6.2 cm. You can capture your precious moment with effortless self-captures because this instant camera comes with a selfie mirror.

For filters, this Fujifilm camera has three lights: orange, purple, and green which used as flesh filters that allows you for an instant injection of colors into photos. Instax Square SQ6 is fun to use and best to carry for picnics and other places.

·        FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 11 – Instant Camera

Looks like a toy camera but has an impressive impact.

Best Instant Cameras in 2020
Source: Fujifilm


Lens: 60mm (roughly equivalent to 35mm) f/12.7

Film Type: Instax Mini

Viewfinder: “Real Image Finder”

Monitor: N/A



  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable shutter button
  • Automatic exposure


  • The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 has no cons.

The very attractive Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 comes in a variety of colors and is fun to live up in a party. This Fujifilm instant camera can capture with tiny Fujifilm Instax Mini film, which arguably is a little tricky. But it is never the less fun for producing keepsakes from special events.

The Instax Mini 11 instant camera doesn’t have any monitor, so you don’t have any prediction about the result.  The main reason for this best instant camera is that the film and camera both have affordable prices. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is a newly launched instant camera that comes up with customizable shutter buttons, instant selfie mode, and automatic exposure and all these features makes it the most portable and stylish instant camera release yet.

·        FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI LIPLAY – Instant Camera

This Fuji Instant Camera is the ultimate hybrid instant camera in 2020.

Best Instant Cameras in 2020
Source: Fujifilm


Lens: 28mm

Film Type: Instax Mini

Viewfinder: None

Monitor: 2.7-in. TFT color LCD monitor


  • You can review your shots
  • Compact
  • Printing from smartphone
  • Print quality


  • Takes the spontaneous fun away

You will absolutely love the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay; formally which is known as “Lee-Play”. This Fuji Instant camera is the new generation of hybrid instant camera, which can take the best from instant photography to best digital photography.

This Fuji Instax Mini Camera is the smallest and lightweight hybrid camera from Fujifilm. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay has a 2.7 inches display to monitor the image. This feature can help you to predict the photo for print.

The most entertaining feature of this Fujifilm Instant camera is that it has a sound function, which allows you to play a voice note or personalized audio message through a QR code that is printed on the instant photo that you click on this Fuji instant camera. You can also make pictures live with the frames; this Fujifilm Instax mini camera has thirty frames to make more creative your images. The remote shooting function of this instant camera lets you allow taking pictures while you are standing away from the camera.

Fujifilm Instax Instant Mini comes in three colors and each color variant has its own individual surface finish with texture details.

·        Polaroid OneStep 2 – Instant Camera

A big toy for retro lovers

Best Instant Cameras in 2020
Source: polaroid


Lens: 106mm

Focusing: Macro, Normal and Landscape

Flash: Built-in

Self-timer: Yes


  • Retro design
  • Easy to use


  • Controls could be laid out better
  • Film is pretty pricey

Earlier instant cameras are known as Polaroid. Polaroid is the nickname for all instant cameras. The manufacturing of the Polaroid camera is still continued after the shutting down of the factory in 2008, because of those groups of enthusiasts who were able to recreate the well-known Polaroid film and also the instant cameras.

The first branded camera of the original Polaroid is OneStep 2. This camera has a retro design like the spec sheet of the original 1970’s OneStep. Large square prints are the order of the day thanks to I-Type film, with Polaroid Originals film readily available – but noticeably pricier than its Instax rivals.

·        Leica Sofort – Instant Camera

You will wonder that Leica has launched its instant camera Leica Sofort. Now Leica is a manufacturer of instant camera

Best Instant Cameras in 2020
Source: Leica Sofort


Lens: 60mm

Focusing: Macro, Normal and Landscape

Flash: Built-in

Self-timer: Yes


  • Premium feel
  • Lot of control


  • Pricey option
  • Similar to Fuji’s instax mini 90

Leica is a luxury brand and all its products are precious, but if you want to be into Leica then Leica Sofort is an affordable option. The Leica Sofort is quite similar to Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, so finding the compatible instant camera film is not a big issue because this instant camera from Leica uses Fuji Instax Mini film.

This stylish retro instant camera comes up with many modes like macro, bulb, self-timer, sports, party, action, and double exposure with selfie mode. You can also use its automatic modes if you just want to point and shoot. The Leica Sofort is much more expensive than other instant cameras in 2020, but it is cheaper than Leica’s other products.

·        Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – Instant Camera

This is the best instant camera for family fun. This is a pretty toy which can liven up your photo frame.

Best Instant Cameras in 2020
Source: Fujifilm


Type: Instant camera

Film type: Fujifilm instax mini film

Image size: 6.2×4.6cm

Lens: 60mm f/12.7

Minimum shooting distance: 35cm

Exposure modes: Sunny, Cloudy, Indoor and Hi-key

Flash: Built-in (cannot be deactivated)

Self-timer: No

 Viewfinder: Optical

User level: Beginner


  • Easy to use
  • Range of color varieties
  • Attractive design
  • Print quality


  • Easy to obscure viewfinder
  • Flash can’t be deactivated

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is really the best choice for an instant print camera in 2020. This instant camera has a toy type design which makes it different from other instant cameras in2020. This instant photography camera is best for family and also for kids. The price of this instant camera is not much as  high as other Fujifilm Instax Mini are.

This Fujifilm Instax Mini runs on two AA batteries and need Fujifilm Instax Mini Film to print photos. It can print a credit card-sized print which costs approx. $1.30 for each photo. The Fuji Instax Mini 9 comes up with an inbuilt flash that can’t be deactivated. It comes with many shooting modes you can choose them to illuminate. The point and shoot options are also available on this Fujifilm Instant Camera.

Note: A newer version of this camera, the instax mini 11, has just been announced, which is very similar but with some interesting new features.

·        Fujifilm Instax WIDE 300 – Instant Camera

This Fuji Instax Camera can print wide prints which makes it the best instant camera for large prints.

Best Instant Cameras in 2020
Source: Fujifilm


Type: Instant camera

Film type: Fujifilm Instax film wide

Image size: 99x62mm

Lens: 95mm f/14

Minimum shooting distance: 40cm

Exposure modes: Dark, Normal, Light

Flash: Built-in

Self-timer: No

Viewfinder: Optical

User level: Beginner


  • Wide Prints
  • Easy to use


  • Bulky structure and design
  • The Tiny Viewfinder

You can say this bulky Fujifilm instant camera, big daddy, for other Fuji Instant cameras. This Fujifilm wide instant camera runs on four AA batteries. You can print an approximately standard-sized print photo for this Fujifilm instant camera. Besides its bulky designs, it is a lighter weight instant camera because it is made up of plastic. You can extend its lenses to95 mm and grip it up to click pictures by releasing the circular shutter trigger.

The only main drawback of this instant camera is its small viewfinder which is on its left. You can control the brightness and flash distribution on this instant camera.

Review Based Buyer Guide for the Best Instant Camera 2020

Instant cameras are fun. They can make any scene in a liven frame. Instant cameras are moment creative. You can print out the moment you enjoyed instantly. But all this can happen only when you have bought the best instant camera for instant photography. So buying the best instant camera is also a big task. You can buy any instant camera but we are providing you a review based buyer guide to buy the best instant camera in 2020.


Producing images of a scene or moment is done by a camera maybe it is a DSLR camera or a simple digital camera or an old classic analog camera or an instant camera. All type cameras produce the images of your moment to liven up that moment. But the popularity of instant cameras is increasing nowadays because they also produce the printed image instantly. So you can share it with anyone. So, what is an Instant Camera? 

“An instant camera produces printed image minutes after it is taken with the help of a self-developing film. This packet of self-developing film contains the required chemicals that are needed to develop the film.In an instant camera, there is a pod containing the required chemicals which get broken open when you snapped a picture. The pictures which come from these instant cameras are impressive results of the best instant photography. Generally, an instant camera satisfies the three-level needs of consumers:

  •              Saves times
  •              Great Quality
  •              Looks Aesthetics.

Why You Need An Instant Camera in 2020?

Instant cameras are really appreciable for their performance and work. You can print out the image you captured with the best instant camera you have bought. Everyone will love these cameras. But the question arise that “why you need an instant camera in 2020?”

So, instant cameras are not only use as the instant print camera but you can use these instant photography cameras as digital cameras and DSLR’s depends on which instant camera you have bought. The only thing which brings instant cameras one step ahead from the other cameras is that they can provide you the printed image of your memorable moment instantly. Yo don’t need to store these photographs in laptops or in other storage devices.

Things You Should Remember While Buying The Best Instant Cameras in 2020

Instant cameras come with a lot of features and variety option to buy. So if you are looking for the best instant camera in 2020 for family functions or for to create any memorable moment with friends or someone special you must check out these recommendations to buy the best instant cameras for instant photography in 2020.


If anyone can use the camera easily maybe that will be the first time of that user, it means that instant camera is user friendly. The main thing which makes an instant camera user friendly is that the user should need to adjust the setting to snap a photo. If the user needs to turn on the shutter button and lens of instant camera adjust itself to produce a quality instant photograph, it means that the camera is the best instant camera to start instant photography.

The above lines don’t state that the only automatic shooting option is required to be the user-friendly instant camera, there should be some more additional features so a user can experiment with new photographic ideas with a camera.


Shutter speed is the terminology that defines the quick capturing image capability. Fujifilm instant cameras and Polaroid cameras come with a shutter speed of approximately 1/60 seconds. Another thing is the battery, generally instant cameras come with two or four pairs of AA batteries. Ask the battery backup of that best instant camera you are going to buy.


You all know size matters. So, before buying an instant camera you should sure about the size of the instant photo you want. Because most of the instant cameras have different image size print capability. The Photo sizes on most Polaroid are around the same range. A photo from Fujifilm Instax mini will measure 62 x 46mm.


Brightness adjustment dial can help you to achieve a quality photo and also help you along the process of creating the best photos. The brightness dial adjustment dial feature will help you to determine the best ambiance for taking pictures in terms of brightness and lighting. The camera will turn the adjustment dial to a position it thinks is the most suitable automatically.


Generally, all instant cameras produce pictures nearly the instance it is shot. But it takes some time to be dried. The quality of the instant photo also depends on how the instant picture film is dried after the shot.  The common spots over the pictures will dry away within 24 hours.


Besides the above technical features, some additional features are also important to make an instant camera the best instant camera in 2020 because of competition among the varieties of instant cameras. Flash and self-timer are extremely popular features that users want in their instant photography camera. Using the best film for the camera is as important as using the correct instant camera.

Top 7 Best Instant Cameras in INDIA 2020

Best Instant Camera NameProsConsCheck Price
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6Large square film,
Looks great with color options,
Easy and fun to use,
Close up capture: 35-50cm,
Amazing low light pictures,
Film more expensive than Fujifilm Instax Mini FilmCheck Price on
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11Cheap,
Easy to use,
Customizable shutter button,
Automatic exposure,  
The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 has no cons.  Check Price on
Polaroid Onestep 2Retro design,
Easy to use,  
Controls could be laid out better,
Film is pretty pricey  
Check Price on
Leica SofortPremium feel,
Lot of control,  
Pricey option,
Similar to Fuji’s instax mini 90  
Check Price on
Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlayYou can review your shots,
Printing from smartphone,
Print quality,  
Takes the spontaneous fun awayCheck Price on
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9Easy to use,
Range of color varieties,
Attractive design,
Print quality,
Easy to obscure viewfinder,
Flash can’t be deactivated
Check Price on
Fujifilm Instax Wide 300Wide Prints,
Easy to use,  
Bulky structure and design,
The Tiny Viewfinder
Check Price on

Recommendation for Best Instant Cameras 2020

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 and Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 are the most popular instant cameras in 2020 among the list of best instant cameras. We recommend you to buy one of these instant cameras so you can capture the best instant photograph of your moment. Depending on your need and budget choose wisely the top instant camera in 2020 for you for the list of Top 7 Best Instant Cameras in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Instant Cameras in 2020

  1. Does instax print immediately?

    Generally, all instant cameras print the photo immediately, but the complete process time to develop the image ready. Time taken is only for drying the ink of the image.

  2. Is Instax Mini 9 worth buying?

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is completely worth buying an instant camera in 2020. The features provided in Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 are best in the segment of instant cameras in 2020. For more details, you can read the complete specifications of the Fuji Instax Mini 9 instant camera.
    If you're searching for the best instant camera that's easy to use and takes great-quality instant photos, look no further than the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9.

  3. Which Instant Camera is best?

    All instant cameras are best in their own way, but if you really want to have the best instant photographic camera then you must check this list of top 7 best instant cameras in 2020.

  4. Where to buy the Best Instant Camera in 2020?

    You can buy the instant photography camera from any online shopping portal or any offline store, but the main thing you should remember is to have a look at the best buying guide for instant cameras.

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