Best Massage Chairs In INDIA- Features, Price, Functions

We all love to have a massage. What if, you get full body massage at home? Having a massage chair at home is like a free spa that helps you to get relaxed mentally and physically. But owning a massage chair is not affordable for everyone because of its high price.

But always remember these precious massage chairs are worth their price. These massage chairs come up with many facilities that make them unique in their field. The uniqueness of features in massage chairs makes them best massage chairs among their category.

Many people purchase these massage chairs for their spa, parlors, etc. But one can also buy this massage chair to use them at home for convenience. Choosing the best massage chair among these wide varieties of massage chairs is quite difficult because of their features.

So if you are really searching for the best massage chair. You are at your destination. We will clear all of your confusion about massage chairs.

As you are at the right destination for buying a massage chair. Let’s explore the variety of massage chairs here. Uniqueness in these massage chairs is considered by comparing their price, features, their type and last one is your choice. Because Choice is a factor that makes us forget everything else.

This is my recommendation that first, you should know everything about the best massage chair then choose any massage chair of your choice. So you don’t need to regret your choice

So before exploring your dream massage chair, know the details of massage chairs. So you need not face any problems while choosing the best massage chair for you that suite your needs. Firstly you should know about the types of massage chairs that are available in markets to fulfill your requirements.

Best Massage Chair Name


Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair

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JSB MZ22 Massage Chair

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Robotouch Maxima Luxury Massage Chair

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Bodyfriend Massage Chair 

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Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair 

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Types of Massage Chairs

Vibrating Chair:

The basics of a massage chair is vibration, so a basic these chair is usually known as a vibration chair. Remember one thing that all listed massage chairs here have this vibration technology. The vibration produced by these massage chairs give us a feeling of a massage. These electronic vibrations worth their work and relax our bodies very effectively.

Reclining Chair:

A massage chair is totally worthless if it doesn’t have a reclining feature. This is because the human body feels more relaxed while being in a reclined position. Earlier this feature was not in all massage chairs. But in this technical era of time, almost all massage chairs have this reclining feature because of its demand and effects.

All listed massage chairs have a varying degree of reclines, so you feel more relaxed.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

What if you have no weight? You feel weightless and your body feels more relaxed. On earth, you can’t be weightless, but this Zero Gravity Massage Chair can do this. This type of massage chair reclines back to a certain level, so you feel weightless. Because of this specialty, these massage chairs have another name “Zero Gravity Massage Chair”.

A top-level relaxation and circulation of blood flow is the main work of this massage chair.

Shiatsu Massage Chair:

Japan is famous for their Shiatsu massage. Not everybody can go there for a massage. Just because of this, these Shiatsu Massage Chairs exist.

This type of massage chair targets pressure points of your body to relax and to reduce the pain of your body. To learn more about Shiatsu Massage jump this page.

Features That a Best Massage Chair Have

As I told you there are varieties of massage chairs. But features of a massage chair make it the best massage chair. So I recommend you to always search these points while purchasing a massage chair.


As massage chairs are heavy and bulky, so need a lot of space in your living area. Modern massage chairs have reclined feature so they can’t be placed with its backside touched on the wall.  So always remind your living area space while purchasing a massage chair.

You don’t need to worry about the space if you have a big house and an open space. But that time you must look for wheels in a massage chair so you can easily move it to your desired position.

Features of Massage Chair

As there are varieties of massage chairs, the feature also varies. Choose a massage chair that has the required features you need.

  • Airbags- For comfort. For instance, if you have hip problem consider a chair that has buttock airbags and airbags in leg and footer area if your leg muscles tend to ache frequently.

  • Extendable leg rest- Elevated legs while sitting gives more comfort to us.

  • Pressure and intensity- choose that allows you to change these according to needs. Some massage chairs have high pressure and intensity of massagers while some have very low. So choose that one that has adjustable pressure and intensity of massager.

  • Data and Memory storage- save time by remembering your desired comfort level. If you need to share your massage chair with others, choose a chair that has a virtual memory so it can store your desired comfort settings.

  • Different Massage techniques- should have different types of massage techniques so you can choose your needed massage therapy. Because there are many massage techniques like Shiatsu, Kneading, Rolling, Flapping, etc.


The stability of a massage chair depends on its design. The open design of a massage chair is more stable than the closed one. Also, stability of massage chairs depends on its feet. Massage chairs that have adjustable feet are quite good. While doing this foot massager will also incline to improve your massage experience.


As you know massage chairs in INDIA are quite costly and vary a wide range of 30K to 500K. Not only high priced massage chairs are good at their services. There are many ones that are worthy to their price. But to find them is quite time consuming and difficult.

We have done extreme research and listed the best massage chairs in INDIA.

Height of the Chair

Everyone is not equal in height. But the standard height of a massage chair is 5′-10″. So people who are above or below this height might face problems like adjusting rollers and nodes ever time.

So choose a massage chair that suits your height. Also, you can choose the one that is designed to auto-scan the height of the user’s shoulder and automatically adjust the chair.


Always be secure while buying something. And if you are buying these precious massage chairs for your spa or home then you are spending a lot of money on it. To be secure for this investment check the warranty of the product. Usually, there is a minimum 1-year warranty for the product.

Also check is there free installation and demo of product available.

Need for massage Chair

Now you understand all the basics of a massage chair. All the details that you need to know before buying a massage chair is mentioned above in brief. But what if know the “What” and “How”, but don’t know “Why”? So also read these needs of massage chairs.

Stress Relief: The main reason for need of massage is for stress relief. But practically you can’t go to a massage parlor daily to remove our daily life stress. And you want a massage at home. For these massage chairs help us.

Fitness: Massage can help you to maintain your physical posture if it is done in the right way. Massage chairs are well-versed for this. You will find that you don’t slouch, don’t roll your shoulders forward and sit straight by using these listed massage chairs.

Chronic Pain Relief: Chronic pain is common nowadays. And this is another main reason for having a massage chair. A massage chair helps you to reduce this chronic pain. Massage chair has the same impact on human massage.

Improved circulation –A gentle massage improves the blood circulation that helps you to make more active and awake. For lazy persons or who can’t do more exercise, these massages are perfect.

Best Massage Chairs In INDIA 2020

1. Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair

  •  Wheel support, Fully portable.
  • Remote functional.
  •  Six massage methods.
  • Bluetooth audio speakers

2. JSB MZ22 Massage Chair


  • Long reaching rollers for hips and back.
  • X-twist waist massage.
  • Portable with wheels.
  • Zero gravity massage technique with remote funtioning.

3. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Massage Chair


  •  Wheel support, Fully portable and vertical alignment.
  • Remote functional.
  •  Six massage methods.
  • Airbags for comfort.
  •  Adjustable width.

4. Bodyfriend Massage Chair 


  • Airbags in hips, shoulders, back and foot area.
  • Head air pressure massage.
  • S- shape space track.
  • Zero gravity massage technique with remote funtioning.

5. Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair 

  • Wheel support, Fully portable and vertical alignment.
  • Auto programs and streching.
  •  Foot rollers for foot massage.
  • Airbags massage for comfort.

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