Best Inverters for Home in India 2020 – Reviews Based Buyer Guide

Power supply is a big issue in INDIA, especially in capital cities. If you are living a big city then you must face 2-5 hours power cut daily. The power cut can ranges to 2-10 hours daily if you belong form near the countryside. The only way to sort out is to implement the best inverters for home use in INDIA.

The solution for power cuts in a simple way is INVERTER. Choosing the best home inverters in INDIA is also a recommended point to avoid the problems of power cuts.

So, when you go out to buy one of the available inverters in the market. But most probably you must get confused while purchasing them because of the variety available in inverters.

Best Inverters for home
Best Inverters for home

Everyone’s top priority is to buy the best inverters for home use or for offices to prevent the unannounced power cuts. But most of the people don’t know which the best inverter for home to buy is. So to overcome this issue we’ve listed the 5 best home inverters in INDIA. You will also get the complete buyer guide to buy the best inverter in INDIA in 2020.

So if you are planning to buy the best inverters for home in INDIA then you are in the right place. Here you will have the list of top inverters for home which is completely made on customer reviews. A list of best inverters in INDIA 2020 is here.

Types of Inverters:

On the basis of output they offer inverters are classified mainly in 3 types:

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter
  • Square Wave Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter:

The pure sine wave inverters supply current from the battery in a reliable and cleaner form. The pattern is similar to same offered by normal wall sockets. The output offered by it is in a sine waveform that is similar to that of a utility supply. This is definitely a plus point because all the appliances are designed to work on this sine wave pattern only.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter:

A modified sine wave inverter does not offer a smooth transition as that of a pure sine wave inverter offers. It takes a brief pause before shifting the phases from positive to negative.

These inverters are an ideal choice for devices with resistive loads and also for those which do not require any start-up surge. These models are a bit cheaper than pure sine wave inverters.

Square Wave Inverter:

This type of inverter generates a waveform in square shape. These are the least efficient as compared to other types of inverters. However, with this technology, you can allow the modest devices that have universal motors to work. These inverters are very noisy.

Review Based List of Best Home Inverters in INDIA 2020

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPSHigh maximum output load and MCB protection2 yearsCheck on Amazon
Microtek UPS Sebz 1100 VA Pure Sine Wave InverterInternal Bypass switch and IBGM technology for longer battery life2 yearsCheck on Amazon
Amaron Hi-Life Pro 900 VA UPS InvertersWide input voltage window suited for Indian conditions2 yearsCheck on Amazon
V-Guard Prime 1150 UPS InverterSmart intelligence with water top-up remainder2 yearsCheck on Amazon
Luminous 2 Kva UPS InverterCan handle heavy loads and have a great backup power with smart features2 yearsCheck on Amazon
Summary Table for the best inverters in India for home

5 Best Inverters for Home in INDIA

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sine wave Inverter UPS

We all know that the Luminous Zelio 1100 is one of the all-time best inverters for home use in India. The Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sine Wave Inverter UPS is an upgraded version Features of this best inverter are listed here.

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 900VA capacity
  • Running load – 3 CFL, three tube lights, 1 LCD TV, one air cooler
  • Single battery compatibility – Battery not included in the package
  • Supports all types of batteries
  • Safety features
Best Inverters for home
Credit: Luminous

The overall features of this inverter are best in this price range. This pure sin wave inverter is compatible with all kinds of batteries such as the flat, tubular, and SMF batteries. However, the present package of this product does not come with a battery You have to purchase the best inverter battery.

Features like power backup, battery charging time display, battery water level indicator, and attractive various security feature makes The Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sine Wave Inverter an intelligent fellow.

MCB is implemented in protection features to protect against short circuits and reverse polarity issues.

There will be no power cut even when a fault in home UPS because of its bypass switch. But it can reduce your electricity consumption and lower down your bills. Because this a sine wave inverter.

Being a pure sine wave inverter, this inverter does not make any noise and has a low level of harmonic distortion.

The 32-bit DSP Processor acts as a battery management system by protecting your battery as well as the electrical appliances in your house. This ensures to maintain the output voltage at optimum levels at all times.

The display portion is a LCD panel which helps you to determine the backup time left, charging details, and also the level of water in the batteries.

This inverter for home use comes with a 24-month warranty.


  • Excellent safety features
  • Compatible with almost all household devices as it is a Sine wave inverter.
  • Can handle the load of big appliances like air coolers, mixers, and grinders


  • You have to purchase the battery separately
  • The bypass switch is not automatic

Verdict: The Zelio+ 1100 is an excellent inverter for home use in 2020.  But the only verdict that creates a loose point of this inverter is that you have to buy a compatible battery as this package does not include it.

Microtek UPS Sebz 1100 VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This is a known fact that higher the capacity of the inverter, the larger the load it carries. The Microtek UPS Sebz 1100 VA inverter for home use is ideal for big Indian homes [3BHK and more]. It can regulate the electricity supply to various electrical appliances such as fans, lights, computers, and even refrigerators and mixer/grinders. The features that makes it an amazing home inverter in 2020 are here:

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Works in a voltage range of 100V to 300V
  • Maximum output power 880 Watts
  • Capacity 1100 VA
  • Excellent protection features
  • 24-month warranty
Best Inverters for home
Credit: Google

Microtek inverters are ideally best for running electronic appliances as they come equipped with a micro-controller based battery management system.

Like the Luminous Zelio+, this inverter is also a pure sine wave inverter. Hence, it has low harmonic distortion and there will be no noise while it’s working. The Microtek inverter is also energy efficient.

There will be a LED display panel for providing information such as the status of the battery and alerts you in case of faults.

This inverter comes with the facilities of smart overload sense and short circuit protection. The inverter shuts down automatically if the load is higher than the prescribed levels. The UPS has its own in-built electronic protection to protect the batteries from deep discharging and overcharging.

This inverter comes with a multi-stage battery charger to ensure that the battery remains in peak working condition at all times. The appliance on this home inverter can work in a voltage range of 100 to 300V. The switchover time from the mains to the UPS is around 15 milliseconds, which is slow as compared to other inverter for home use to conduct a quick response.

Like the above mentioned pure sine inverter for home this unit also does not come with a battery. You have to purchase it separately.


  • Adequate protection
  • Pure Sine wave inverter
  • Good facilities like LED indicators


  • Switchover time could have been less
  • Manual bypass switch

Verdict: Microtek inverter is ideal for big homes where the requirement is high. It can power your high heavy appliances like refrigerators and some of the common kitchen appliances. It is a decent buy under any circumstances.

Amaron Hi-Life Pro 900 VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS Inverters

Amaron is known as the one of the top battery manufacturers in India. A majority of batteries used along with inverters in India belong to either Amaron or Exide. The company also come up with a good inverter design in the Hi-Life Pro 900 VA Pure Sine Wave home UPS model. Key Features of this inverter for home use in 2020 are here

  • Reliable on-site service
  • 10-year transformer warranty by the manufacturer
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Noiseless operations
Best Inverters for home
Credit: Amaron

The noiseless working of this Amaron inverter supports all electrical appliances of you home.  As it is a pure sine wave inverter there is less consumption of electricity. The switchover from the mains power mode to the battery mode is instantaneous and silent so, you might not even realize that there is a power failure.

The visual LED indicators on this inverter inform the status of power and backup position. It also alerts you in case of overload with a beep sound.. This inverter comes with additional safety features like Blown fuse alarm protection, short circuit protection, and low battery signal with LED indicators.

The presence of a transformer enhances the longevity of the inverter as it reduces power consumption. The company offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the transformer.


  • Excellent compatibility with Amaron batteries
  • Transformer feature to reduce power consumption
  • Brilliant load capability capacity
  • 10 years transformer warranty


  • Inbuilt bypass switch is not available

Verdict: The Amaron inverter is one of the preferred ones available on the market. The excellent compatibility with their in-house batteries makes it a popular appliance.

V-Guard Prime 1150 UPS Inverter

V-Guard is a very well-known brand in the electrical appliances market. This premium brand from India is more popular for its inverter and UPS line-up.  The V-Guard prime 1150 UPS inverter is a pure sine wave inverter. The features of this home inverter take it on the top list of best inverters for home in INDIA 2020. The main key features of this power inverter are:

  • Battery water topping reminder
  • Battery Gravity Builder
  • Dual-mode operation
  • Protection
  • Mute Buzzer Option
Best Inverters for home
Credit: V guard

This 800 W heavy duty inverter is compatible with any tubular battery within 80-230 AH. All appliances like TV’s, refrigerators, coolers, etc. can run on this home inverter without any interruption of power supply.

You can expect battery recharging time of close to 10-12 hours, depending on your battery size. The design is similar to other sine wave inverters.

There is a big LED display panel for notifications and alerts. This home inverter comes with a 2 years of warranty.


  • LED display along with video and audio indicators
  • Super performance across all home appliances
  • Useful maintenance reminder like battery top-up reminder
  • Performance selection switch
  • Total protection against faults, overloads etc
  • Good build quality


  • Some reports on frequent annoying alerts.
  • Not too good customer support.

Verdict: The pricing is a bit higher but can adjust this price with its features.  Best in heavy-duty performance and with lower power consumption. V-Guard sine wave inverter is completely the best choice as the best inverters for home use in 2020.

Club it with a good battery and you are good to go!

Luminous 2 Kva UPS Inverter

Luminous is one the top global leaders in the industry of battery and inverters. Home inverters from the house of Luminous are technology driven with a modern feature-rich system. With a 1600 Watts/2000 VA of rated power, this ultra-heavy duty inverter requires a double battery support for operations. Key features of this jumbo inverter for home use are:

  • Intuitive Display
  • Advanced battery management
  • Intelligent Battery Charging
  • Noiseless operation
Best Inverters for home
Credit: Luminous

The heavy appliances like geysers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. can be easily handled over this sine wave super inverter.

This Luminous 2 kva UPS home inverter comes with Adaptive Battery Charging Control system technology, termed as ABCC. This feature actually enhances the battery life and offers faster battery charging. Along with this it offers complete protection from surges, short-circuits, battery overcharge/deep charge and reverse polarity etc.

Expected time of full battery charge is 10-12 hours. Remember one thing that you need to buy separate batteries with this home inverter because its package doesn’t includes batteries.


  • Extremely powerful1600 watts/2000 Va of power
  • ABCC technology for improved battery life and charging
  • Complete protection against surges and overloads
  • Noiseless operation
  • 2 years warranty


  • Comparatively expensive

Verdict: If you want to buy a heavy duty inverter for home use then never mind spending a bit of money. This Luminous 2 Kva UPS inverter is a good choice for those who want to use a non-interrupted heavy duty performance.

 Overall, this is a simple yet effective inverter with intelligent battery charging and management capabilities!

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Inverters for Home Use 2020

As inverter is an important device, you should consider technical specifications while purchasing an inverter. There are 3 foremost technical specifications like power requirement, capacity and battery size. We have mentioned explained them in detail below – which help you choose a model that suits your requirements.

1. Power Requirement

The first thing to consider while purchasing a inverter for home use is the amount of power require which is usually depends on how many appliances you want to use at the time backed-up power consumption. For general appliances like [1 LED bulb+ 1 tube light+ 1 Fan+ 1 TV] there will be 300-350 watt inverter is OK.

You can calculate the wattage requirement by adding the watts of appliances you need to utilize with inverter.

2. Inverter Capacity

Generally, inverter capacity is measured in Volt-Amp (VA). In usual conditions, total wattage is equal to the VA value. However, with Power Factor, it is not the same.

“Power factors is measured on the basis of how efficiently incoming power is used in the electric system. It is also referred as ratio of Real power to Apparent power (working power to total power).”

3. Battery Size 

Inverter delivers best results to you when a compatible sized battery is working with it. Battery size or capacity of battery is measured in Amp-Hour (Ah) which refers to the amount of current that a battery can provide for a specific time period.

For example, a 2000Ah battery can supply 2000 amp current in an hour. Or it can also supply 1000 amp of current for 2 hours. You can calculate the battery size using the following formula:

Inverter’s VA rating X usage time (in hours) / input voltage = Battery size

The other method to analyze the battery is its size. Generally batteries are divided in 3 types:

  • Flat plate batteries
  • Tubular batteries
  • Maintenance free batteries

The Tubular batteries are considered as the best batteries to deliver great results with best inverters for home.

Bypass Switch

The Bypass switch allows the users to by-pass the normal functioning of the inverter by using the power from the main electric grid. Here, the power does not pass through the inverter and hence, this gives you some time to resolve the issue. Without any interruption in power supply you can resolve the issue in inverter with the help of by-pass switch.

Wiring of the house

Before purchasing the best inverter for home or office must consult with the electrician that whether the wiring is capable for backup facility. Also check the earthing facility of home.


Going for a local brand over a well-known brand is not a good decision. Because a branded product assures you quality, safety, features and also warranty. Above all this there is a customer support.


Generally, a regular inverter costs between Rs. 5000 – 8000 in INDIA. Obviously the pricing depends on technical specifications and trust rate of Brand which provides the best inverters for home. Most efficient inverters are bit costly. The efficiency depends on the amount of energy lost in the process of energy conversion from DC to AC.


As traditional inverters now inverters don’t only convert DC to AC but also they are used as voltage stabilizers, which helps while voltage fluctuation. Also some advanced inverters acts as UPS.


Inverter plays an important role for the life of battery. An inverter protects the battery from overloading at the time of overloading. It does so by resetting the load.

Apart from that, it also protects battery from overcharging.


A simple design is best because it can be more users friendly.


Usually an inverter can last up to a decade (only in normal circumstances). However, an inverter comes a warranty period, but period depends on Brand.

More the warranty period is better is the product.


Now you come to know all the details about the best home inverters in INDIA. So, you should not have any doubt for purchasing the best inverters for home in India 2020.

You can go for any one form the above mentioned inverters. All are the best just go for the Best!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an Inverter?

    An inverter is a device that converts DC to AC. When an inverter is working mode then it grabs the unwanted DC components in the signal and then converts it to AC.

  2. What are the different alternate power supply solutions?

    • Inverter
    • DG Sets
    • Solar Power

  3. How an Inverter Battery does Gets the Energy or Power?

    The inverters used for home come with rechargeable batteries – so they take power from the house electric system, convert it to DC form and store it.
    When the power is down, the same energy stored in batteries are converted back into AC form and supplied as backup.

  4. What is the difference between an Inverter and a UPS?

    Basic functionalities of UPS and inverter are same, but there is a slight difference between the both. In case of power cut an inverter takes a bit longer time than UPS to switch battery power.

  5. Do inverters make noise?

    Both Yes and No are the answer of this questions. Sine wave inverters are noiseless while square wave inverters makes some noise while working.

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