15 WordPress Developer Skills For Your Career And Resume

Make a widget, create a backup of the site or integrate data from another site. A WordPress developer is a professional who manages the more complex challenges of using or maintaining a WordPress website. They often hold more expertise in coding and web development than the average user, which means they can typically manipulate the infrastructure and ecosystem of these websites. A WordPress developer often has knowledge of at least one popular programming language and a familiarity with different WordPress products or plugins.

wordpress developer skills

Work only feels like work if you don’t love what you do, and if you love WordPress, you should make a living creating for it. Raising awareness among business owners is also one reason you need to learn how to use build tools. For a development project not to last forever and be of the correct quality, specialists with Knowledge and experience working on the project are needed. Photoshop also helps make web pages and applications visually appealing by adding aesthetically pleasing details.

WordPress Fundamental Skill Set:

“Government digital services feel like design agencies,” Bearne said. But the different is that you’re typically working in a space that’s making impactful change. These are just a few of the coding tasks you might be asked to perform as a developer. Top 5 software developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Meeting with clients to discuss website design and function. I’m sure your contribution will add lots of value to the discussion and be really helpful to others.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that all ajax requests should pass through the admin-ajax.php file. Plugin deactivation can be easily handled by using the register_deactivation_hook which uses a similar format to the activation hook. Tasks that can be accomplished inside the function for deactivation include cleaning up of resources and options, and closing tables. In order to attract WordPress Developer that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise WordPress Developer job description.

  • He’s experienced writing on topics including jobs and technology, digital marketing, career pivots, gender equity, parenting, and popular culture.
  • With action hooks, you cannot receive or modify data but you get a place where you can execute your code.
  • You don’t need to know how to code to start preparing for a coding bootcamp.
  • In addition to site maintenance, management, and building, I also set aside an hour or two each day for professional development.
  • Proficiency building CI/CD pipelines is a major plus; proficiency building plugins is another major plus.

Most people think that it is a popular CMS because you can build and design websites without having to learn how to code. As you can see, there are a lot of different WordPress developer jobs out there and things to get involved with once you have honed your skills. We are a rapidly growing company that considers our employees and teams to be our most important assets. Our team environment provides opportunities for growth to individuals who are motivated to excel. We are situated in Merrifield, VA — well positioned for most commutes within the area.

This is certainly a skill that will make you stand out in the market. As a developer, you need to develop fast and use every minute to get it done. Therefore, most development teams use Git, which has all the tools needed to make the development process more valuable. In addition, it’s fast, versatile, open-source, and very user-friendly. WordPress developer skill SEO or search engine optimization is creating or updating your website so that Google can better understand it and rank it higher in search page results. Think of SEO as a way to adapt your website to Google’s algorithms.


WordPress developers design and implement websites for companies using the WordPress creation tool. They are responsible for both front-end and back-end development, including the implementation of themes and plugins. Their goal is to create attractive and user-friendly websites according to client specifications. The site features multiple free and paid plans, domain hosting, and other useful tools. These tools help non-coders and busy professionals build attractive and modern websites.

wordpress developer skills

But, the truth is that you barely have to be a developer to do WordPress. WordPress plugins are therefore ideal for adding features to a WordPress website. The plugin ecosystem is incredibly robust, with over 55,000 free plugins offered in the official WordPress directory alone.

WordPress Developerjob Description, Salary, Career Path, And Trends

A distributed agency can be “the best of both worlds, when done right,” Bearne said. This type of agency is competing with high-end agencies so it attracts some of the best talent and clients. While you will be working independently, you also need to be comfortable doing video calls and being social on Slack in order to build relationships, according to Bearne.

Furthemore, you will need good communication skills as you will need to interact with many different stakeholders and other developers on a regular basis. JavaScript is a programming language that allows developers to create interactive elements on websites. It’s important for wordpress developers to have JavaScript skills because it can help them build dynamic webpages with features like animation, form validation and live data updates. JavaScript also enables developers to customize the appearance of their website by adding custom CSS stylesheets or modifying existing ones.

Both employer job listings and resumes from people who’ve held the role of WordPress Developer tend to always include skills and requirements found in this list. Job seeker resumes showcase a broad range of skills and qualifications in their descriptions of WordPress Developer positions. The top three keywords represent 46.52% of the total set of top resume listed keywords.

Also, choosing a developer specialty to focus on, understand you will run into problems, and join a WordPress community. WordPress developers are essential to WordPress success, as there would be no plugins or themes without WordPress developers. In addition to WordPress developers being important to the WordPress process, you need to love WordPress.

Generally speaking, most projects are not on an hourly basis. WordPress has a variety of unique optimizations when it comes to search engine performance. Before the pandemic, the WordPress community would meet up at WordCamps. These were events hosted in major cities where WordPress developers could congregate and make new contacts.

It’s been hard learned over years of working with developers. We often pay several developers to do the same test project before we choose who we’re going to work with. Freelancers and agencies will produce a wide spectrum of work.

The high adoption rate of WordPress for the creation of business websites has resulted in the service’s market share of 35% of online content. For this reason, expertise in WordPress development is in high demand. This WordPress Developer job description template includes the list of most important WordPress Developer’s duties and responsibilities. Use it to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best employees. WordPress is the go-to for millions of casual bloggers, and it can be the key to a satisfying career.

wordpress developer skills

For example, if a developer wants to add animation or movement to a webpage, they may use jQuery to make the changes happen automatically when someone interacts with the page. Becoming a WordPress developer requires software development and computer programming skills, and learning programming languages is an acquired skill that people can learn. Some people get college degrees in computer science to become a developer and some people learn all their skills from the Internet. Since WordPress is such a massive content management system, there are tons of people who are using it every day. WordPress is an incredibly user-friendly system, although customizations require software development and computer programming skills. PHP makes it easy to manage content and communicate with databases while controlling plugins, third-party integration, and more.

WordPress Developer Job Requirements

Registration of the style file can be done using wp_register_file and in order to have the file in the plugin simply use wp_enqueue_style. You have to provide a unique identifier for the file containing the style and a path to it. If a script is dependent on other scripts, it can be mentioned as the third property. Additional usage data can be added to the script by using wp_localize_script function. Although scripts and styles can be echoed everywhere, the recommended way is to use the wp_enqueue_script function to add scripts.

How To Increase Ctr: 6 Top Tips For WordPress Websites

If you were to edit core WordPress files to add functionality to your site, the code would be lost when updating your software. That’s because WordPress overwrites core files with each update. A media company will require developers that hire freelance wordpress developer can work well under pressure and build things that “don’t fall over when traffic spikes,” Bearne explained. The buzzing environment can be high-pressure but also a lot of fun, and a great way to build out your skill set, he said.

What Are The Least Important WordPress Developer Job Skills To Have On My Resume?

However, many of these improvements apply to any CMS platform. As a result, an SEO specialist won’t exclusively work on WordPress. SEO determines how well a website ranks on a search engine. Thus, the better your SEO, the better you will rank, which has a direct impact on the traffic a website receives. One thing every WordPress developer should be aware of is Search Engine Optimization . It is one of the most important aspects of any website and can take years to fully master.

Plans, conducts, and documents a variety of technical and management meetings, and reviews. Collaborates with the web designer to ensure stakeholder requirements are met. Must be able to follow established procedures, processes, standards, and development workflows. Communicate effectively with the Director of Digital Strategy on status updates and direction of the sites and platform.

WordPress Developer Benefits

This language influences the overall appearance of the website within a user’s browser. By clicking the button above, I agree to the ZipRecruiter Terms of Use and acknowledge https://globalcloudteam.com/ I have read the Privacy Policy, and agree to receive email job alerts. Make WordPress page to learn how you can get involved with the WordPress community.

In fact, it requires a lot of coding as a single plugin can interact with hundreds of files in your WordPress install simultaneously. In simple terms, a core developer is someone who manages just about every detail of WordPress installation to the content creation process. Aside from the above resources, you should consider attending a WordPress development course.

Freelancing offers a greater degree of freedom and flexibility than most other lifestyles because you only work with clients that you say yes to. But you do need money to buy equipment tools and you do need an office, according to Bearne. A WordPress developer has many options for where they work and how they work. However, a portfolio isn’t a must, especially if you’ve worked on the WordPress Core, like Bearne. “They sometimes have more weight than a fancy portfolio site, especially if you’re interested in back-end development,” he said in a follow-up interview to his WCEU session.

Instead, you can manage your site’s pages through the WordPress user interface and simply press “Publish” to apply your changes. Building a portfolio with examples of some of your work may help you gain clients. An effective portfolio contains evidence of your best technical skills, your understanding of the general platform and your expertise in your focus area. You can include your WordPress developer portfolio in your resume, so potential employers may also see your work.

Consider browsing social media groups, online forums or even live conferences. Talking to other developers and WordPress enthusiasts might help you better understand the platform and provide you with a support system if you require guidance or tips. These professionals may help you find solutions on specific websites, provide you with networking opportunities or help you stay up-to-date with industry knowledge and best practices. WordPress plugins are small programs that can be added to the WordPress platform. They allow developers to customize their websites and add new features. For example, if a client wants an online store on their website, they may request a plugin that allows them to sell products through the site.

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